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Welcome to Sunline Australia


Established in 1996 Sunline Australia is a family-owned and operated company, which specialises in the manufacture and supply of pool accessories in the regions of Western Australia and Victoria and now more recently South Australia. We offer a complete range of swimming pool equipment to enhance your lifestyle.


Amalfi Mosaics

Glass swimming pool tiles are considered the premium of all finishes. This is thanks to their resilience and mesmerising aesthetics. They also have the ability to manipulate and magnify light. Amalfi Mosaics glossy appearance make the most of water's reflective properties and are adored for their upscale glamour and luxury finish. Read more here


Underground Blanket Boxes

Sunline’s underground blanket box (pool roller) is a great addition to any new or existing swimming pool area. Once installed, it provides you with an aesthetically pleasing place to relax and entertain. Read more here


Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Sunline Glass gives you a clear view to your swimming pool or entertainment area with the confidence of greater security for your family and friends. Sunline Glass is manufactured to meet all Australian Standards and stamped with the Australian Approval number AS2208T. Read more here


Above Ground Rollers

A Sunline above ground roller is a trouble free and lightweight system, that’s perfect for handling and also storing your Sunline pool blanket. Read more here


Pool Blankets

Installing a Sunline pool blanket can save you more than money and debris in the pool... You’ll be saving the sun’s natural warmth, eliminate evaporation and reduce running costs in terms of maintenance and pool chemical consumption. Read more here



Solar Heating

Your pool is a big and expensive investment, so why use it for only 12 weeks a year? By investing in a safe, environmentally friendly, efficient solar heating system, you will find mid season averages of 27° degrees will make everyday swimming a delight! Read more here

Amalfi Mosaics
Underground Blanket Boxes
Glass Fencing
Amalfi Interiors
Solar Heating
Aboveground Rollers and Pool Blankets