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Aboveground Rollers


A Sunline above ground roller is a trouble free and lightweight system, that’s perfect for handling and also storing your Sunline pool blanket.


The Sunline units can easily be operated by anyone, and all It takes is less than a minute or so to retract or withraw the pool blanket from your pool. Available in a neutral metallic colour it can be made to suit most sized pools. From 1.5 metres right up to 5.5 meters. 


It also features adjustable fittings, which are simple, durable and long lasting. An easy to use product that will offer years of trouble-free service. A Sunline Above Ground Roller is a cost effective solution to suit your requirements, plus it will tidy up your swimming pool entertainment area.


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Pool Blankets


What is a Pool Blanket?


Installing a Sunline pool blanket can save you more than money and debris in the pool... You’ll be saving the sun’s natural warmth, eliminate evaporation and reduce running costs in terms of maintenance and pool chemical consumption.


A cost effective and convenient way to save water and heat your pool at the same time, Solar blankets are made from a film containing thousands of tiny bubbles which work together to collect and retain heat in your pool.


The blanket floats on top of the water (bubble side down) and allows solar energy to pass through - trapping and retaining the heat in your pool. Warming your pool by up to 8º and reducing heat loss by up to 75% by simply reducing water evaporation.


Sancell Swimming Pool Blankets


Sunline Australia has recently partnered with Sancell Pool Covers...


Sancell and Sunline Australia have joined forces adopting a new business model to manufacture, sell and distribute Sancell Pool Covers. Sancell in conjunction with Sunline Australia will still be manufacturing Australia’s best quality solar pool covers and distributing Australia-wide and into New Zealand. Read more here


Sancell Pool Covers – Streamline Dome™

Sancell Pool Covers are proud to introduce our new Streamline Dome™ blanket material. The Streamline Dome™ profile has a sturdy rounded bubble 18mm wide and just 3mm high laid out in an easy-to-clean hose-off pattern. The Streamline Dome™ is a stronger, more resilient shape with the same insulating properties as its predecessor. Available in 400, 500 and 600 micron Sancell Pool Covers are made in Australia with only the best quality raw materials.

  • All Sancell Pool Covers are manufactured with LDPE4 and is 100% recyclable at the end of its product life
  • Sancell Pool Covers contain up to 15% post industrial recycled content
  • Manufactured from a proprietary formulated compound containing UV stabilisers to prevent degradation and fading under the harsh Australian weather conditions
  • Reduce evaporation by up to 97%
  • Reduce heat loss through evaporation
  • Reduce the loss of chemicals in your pool
  • Suitable for use on domestic and commercial pools
  • Prevent unwanted leaves and debris getting into pools and filters, saving you time in cleaning and money in chemicals
  • Sancell is the only ISO accredited bubble plastics extruder in Australia.
  • Sancell Pty Ltd have adopted internal systems to achieve certification in ISO standards for Quality (9001), Health & Safety (18001) and of course the Environment (14001). Click here for more information 
  • Proudly Made in Australia

Benefits of the dome shaped bubble:

  • The new shallow 3mm bubble allows your blanket to roll up more compactly and save space. Perfect for recessed, mounted and enclosed blanket installations
  • The dome is a stronger streamlined shape with fewer weak spots created during the manufacturing process
  • The rounded shape means the pool blanket slides over the pool edges when being placed on and pulled off your pool reducing abrasions or punctures to the bubbles
  • Easy to clean pattern; simply hose off dirt, leaves or chemicals and remove blanket to reveal your pristine pool




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